Aristides guitars

​‘The first time I picked up an Aristides guitar, I was blown away. You can immediately feel how solid the guitar is. It feels like it’s built like a tank, and this is all thanks to the arium the guitar is made out of. One thing I love about these guitars is how resonant they are. They are loud acoustically, and you can feel the entire guitar vibrating when you hit a big chord. It’s really amazing! Because the guitar is so resonant, the resulting sound is massive and everything you go for is ‘there’. To top it off, Aristides’ finishes are unbeatable. All of their colors just pop!’

Travis Montgomery


Travis Montgomery (born June 16, 1989) in Dallas, TX is a guitar player and songwriter. He started playing guitar when he was 13 years-old (2003), and has been self-taught.

Travis started his music career by making a youtube channel in 2004. In 2007, he was noticed by Canadian metal band Threat Signal, and joined them just a few months after graduating high school. Since then, Travis has been touring and writing albums with Threat Signal and other bands/artists such as Nociceptor, Jeff Loomis, and Meytal Cohen.